JW Anderson Womenswear Show

You can blame JW Anderson for the current paisley trend curling its way round the high street. The Scottish designer’s SS12 and AW11 collection’s were a decided hit, due a lot in his modern new take on that seventies fabric. Anyone hoping to see a re-appearance for AW12 were disappointed- Anderson’s womenswear collection, showcased at the old Saint Martin’s premises in Bloomsbury (which smelled strongly and ominously of gas) was a print free zone- with lots of very technical fabrics in slightly uncomfortable looking slim silhouettes; a vinyl two piece suit might look fabulous walking the length of a catwalk- but running for a bus? Perhaps we’re being a bit delicate but the idea of actually wearing an outfit made entirely from man made fabrics just doesn’t appeal- not least because rubbery fabrics creak, plasticy ones rustle. But we have to admire the JWA workmanship which was as top notch as ever.