The great dame of fashion brought some boyish charm to the catwalk this afternoon with her Red Label collection at Goldmsiths Hall. We headed into the backstage scrum to take a pre-show peek. Unlike the flurry of colour from last season, Val Garland and her M.A.C Pro team had created an ‘androgynous look’ for a/w with a smudgy, dirty blend of caramel colours all over the face. Val told us that the inspiration came from tomboys hanging out in girl gangs. Kinda like ‘The Warriors’, but in sepia and during war time England.

But what was that on the models hands, arms and necks? No they hadn’t got bored backstage and doodled on each other. Perhaps because the face was so neutral and wearable, Val needed to let loose somewhere else and had gotten out the felt tips and covered the models in tribal symbols and goodness knows what else, including skulls, crosses and the Westwood orb - a new line of temporary tattoos, perhaps?!. The hair was also boyish and dirty looking to match the rough and ready make-up. Next time we have bed hair, we’re just going to say that we are bang on trend (cheers Viv). 

Backstage was a frenzied mass of frantic folks and so when everyone left for the run-through, we used the moment of mayhem to sneak in and watch. Despite not actually having a ticket to the show (shhhhh!), we somehow managed to hang around and ended up having a prime spot for the actual show. Go us. 

The clothes were a mix of structured tailored pieces (all manner of jackets, shirts, deconstructed suits and hats), combined with tribal designs, tartan, capes, velvet and lovely prints with classic wrap and twisted dresses. To be really honest, however hard we tried to concentrate on the clothes, we just kept getting lost in Jo Woods immense cleavage on the front row opposite us. Those puppies were a serious distraction. They were almost as impressive as Pete Burns lips. Or that oversized yellow crown on row 3. That must have been one huge cracker. Most unlikely celeb spot? Heston Blumenthal. Perhaps he was picking up some cooking inspiration. It was pretty tasty stuff.