The future’s bright, the future is orange at Sibling.
Sibling’s Diamond Lil collection had LOVE Magazine’s Katie Grand behind the styling- and it was a marriage made for borderline bonkers. The hedonistic collection saw traditional ladylike knits- matching twinsets, three pieces and crew neck cardis given a turbo orange re-imagining in fair isle leopard, vivid pinks and the brightest blues. Oversized jumpers featured mouse skulls, fuzzy mohair and glittery knits for him and her. Head to toe, it was the kind of thing that only the most ardent of fashion adventurer would dare to tread the streets in, but individual pieces singled out from the chaotic ensembles gave us plenty to remind everyone what superlative knitwear designers Sibling really are. We’d love to be the kind of person that can work a literally top to toe sequin ensemble, or a giant Monster Munch style coat. But give us a subversive Mickey knit, or a ravey sweater that gives even the overkilled leopard print a fresh new spin, and we are ready to run with it. 
Also present was the complete Barbie/Sibling collection. Never has an inanimate and unrealistically proportioned plasticised blonde looked so good (except of course, Baywatch era Pammy). Bianca Matley